After years of working with some skate and streetwear brands, Yohann created Perspective for himself and his friends. The clothing line is created and headquartered in Montreal. Every aspect of it, from the product to the website has been tailored to Yohann’s creative perspective, and guided by his passions of photography, design, the 90's, skateboarding, hip-hop movement and so more… 

Through the quality of our products, our packaging and our vision of lifestyle, we push the boundaries of the creative envelope. The result ? Our brand leave an unique but still provoking impression on our customers.

Why "Perspective"? It's the way in which objects appear to the eye…


Yohann’s journey into photography started in the 90’s skate scene. Intrigued by the lifestyle and lack of constraint, Yohann started skating religiously, pushing aside all other aspects of his life. While other kids were playing video games, Yohann was in the streets learning his craft and soaking in the culture that would eventually turn him into the artist he is today. Immersed in the independence and creativity that skateboarding offered, it was impossible for Yohann to not be inspired. What started as him filming his lifestyle, turned into a hobby, then a habit, then a career.

Photography took precedence over everything, even skateboarding, as it offered Yohann the ability to capture the world the way he saw it.